Emilie Molsted/JADA wins Danish P3 Gold Award

Music History was written in Denmark in the weekend, when 27-year-old
Jada- also known as Emilie Molsted Nørgaard, the oldest daughter of Bridge of Winds- founding member, Tippe Molsted, received the main prize ‘P3 Prisen’, a big commercial danish music award.
For the first time ever in Danish music history, a woman was named the the winner of ‘P3 Lytterhittet’. - The audience choice, for her newest publishing, “Nudes”

Not only that, Jada can now also call herself the first P3 Gold nominee ever to have received all of the show's three awards!

Emilie Molsted/JADA wins Danish P3 Gold Award
Photo (C) JADA

Last year she was awarded the “talent” award at P3 Gold, awarded for upcoming artists.
Emilie is one of the original “baby-winds”- along with her sister Frida Molsted and Giada Filippetti - daughter of Lina Della Rocca, the children that grew up in the group, and listened to the beat of the winddance, since before they where born.
Scroll down the (danish) article to listen to the song “ Nudes” and to see her P3 Guld Music Award performance.

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