Teatret Om: Like a Lily

Teatret Om: Like a Lily

Teatret Om: Like a Lily

Premiere: 28th of April 2023 at 7:30pm and 29th of April 3pm

Like a Lily

Two weavers are about to finish a blanket for a newborn child. They are weaving dreams. Among the threads small messages sent by unknown children appear. The messages describe hope and expectations for their own and the planet’s future. While the dream-weavers work they sing about adversity, joy and sorrow. Indian spiritual songs intertwine with the more down to earth Italian songs. A universe of sound arises – A flying carpet of tones.

Two strong female figures and two strong voices meet in Like a Lily. Parvathy Baul and Sandra Pasini have roots in different musical traditions and cultures but succeed in creating a universal story about the power of song – full of color and beauty.

Like a Lily is performed in English, Sanskrit, Bengali and Italian.


Duration 55 min

28th of April 7:30pm and 29th of April 3pm


Instructor: Iben Nagel Rasmussen
Actors: Parvathy Baul and Sandra Pasini
Scenography, costumes and props: Antonella Diana

Co-production: Teatret OM , Ekathara Kalari

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