The Bridge of Winds is a pedagogical project directed by Iben Nagel Rasmussen since 1989.
The group consists of artists from Latin America, Europe and China.
Iben Nagel Rasmussen has gathered these students, not only to make performances, but to transmit her own theatrical heritage: the actor's formation and the theatrical values, on which she has based her life as an actress.
The group meets every year in different places of the world. The work focuses on physical and vocal training; the creation of in- and outdoor performances, and so-called “barters”: cultural exchanges between The Bridge of Winds and local communities.
The main characteristic of The Bridge of Winds is its long-term duration, which allows a gradual development in depth. Another feature, is to bring together artists from various disciplines (music, theater, dance, fine arts) and from different cultures, making the group a multicultural and multidisciplinary melting pot, going beyond linguistic, artistic, and cultural boundaries.
The Bridge of Winds holds open meetings in collaboration with local theatres, as well as social and cultural institutions. The group also takes theatre to the streets, makes seminars, workshops, cultural exchanges, concerts, conferences, and photographic exhibitions.
During its 30 years of activity, the members of The Bridge of Winds have spread this theatrical heritage through their own artistic work and teaching.

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