The first Vindenes Bro - The Bridge of Winds seminar was held in Denmark in 1989, at Odin Teatret. The students that continued to study with Iben Nagel Rasmussen formed the base of the group.
In 1999 Nye Vinde - New Winds was formed under the guidance of Iben Nagel Rasmussen, with a group of younger actors, working under the same principles.
In 2009 the 2 groups were merged, and have since worked as one group, under the name Vindenes Bro -The Bridge of Winds.
Since 2015 a smaller group of new students has been invited to train with the existing group as prospective members. They continue their training alongside the Bridge of Winds' members.


Carlos Simioni

Actor, director and researcher

Tippe Molsted

Singer, storyteller, musician and actress

Lina Della Rocca

Actress, pedagogue and Artistic Director

Guillermo Angelelli

Actor, professor and director

Antonella Diana

Set designer, visual artist, costume designer, technician, and teacher

Photo: Francesco galli

Actress, director, pedagogue and artistic director

Rafael Magalhães

Actor, pedagog and producer

Tatiana Cardoso

Teacher, actress, director and theatre researcher

Francesco Galli

Photografer and film-maker

Annemarie Waagepetersen

Actress, musician and project coordinator

Mika Juusela

Actor, director, and teacher

Katarzyna Kazimierczuk

Theatre director

Iza Vuorio

Actress, singer, seamstress, costume designer, and prop maker.

Signe Gravlund Thomsen

Actress and teacher

Jori Snell

Actress, dancer, teacher, director

Luis Alonso

Actor director and theatre researcher

Elena Floris

Musician, actress, and assistant director.

Sofia Monsalve Fiori

Actress, director, and pedagogue.

Adriana La Selva

Theatre-maker and researcher

Miguel Jerez

Actor and musician

Marcos Rangel Koslowski

Actor, performer and clown

Rodrigo Carinhana

Actor and musician

Past Members


Caroline Beering - Denmark (1989-1991)
Jose M. Jabar - Peru (1989-2003)
Franco Acquaviva - Italy (1990-2009)
Tina Nielsen - Denmark (1992-1994)
Isabel Ubeda - Spain ( 1993-1994)
Giada Filippetti, (born into the group) - Italy (1993-2010)
Ylva Jangsell - Sweden (1995-2000)
Sebastian Kaatrasalok - Finland (1995 -2002)
Petra Lindblom - Sweden (1996-2000)


Francesca Romana Rietti - Italy (1997-2004)
Nikolaj De Fine Licht - Denmark (1997 -2011)
Neti Storm (Maria M) - Finland (1999-2003)
Michel Weiss - Austria (1999-2004)
Hazal Selcuk - Turkey ( 2004 - 2005)
Giovanni Zolin - Italy ( 1999 -2009)
Anna Stigsgaard - Denmark (2004-2005)
Wu Wen Tsui - Taiwan (2007- 2010)
Hisako Miura - Japan/ Denmark (2009- 2011
Yteng Ding - China (2016- 2021)
Pernille Abildgaard Ullmann- Denmark (2018- 2021)





The first Vindenes Bro Seminar, 1989, Odin teatret, Holstebro, Denmark


The New Winds, First meeting, 1999, Ryde, Denmark


The Bridge Of Winds i Ghent, Belgium 2018.

Image Credit: photo 1, © Holstebro-Struer Dagblad, photo 2: Iben Nagel Rasmussen Photo 3: Francesco Galli